two Former Bauchi PDP Governorship Aspirants, Other individuals Defect To N ~ Latest Naija News :.

Senator Abubakar Maikafi, Ambassador Ahmed Shuaibu, Ningi, Ex Commissioner Mohammed Jibrin Lago defected to the NNPP with thousands of their supporters.


Their defection was announced weekend at the official opening ceremony of Darazo and Misau regional governments secretariats of the celebration.
Speaking, NNPP Deputy National Chairman, Usman Adamu Sufee and it's State Chairman, Engineer Mohammed Barde described the defection of the former PDP stalwarts as a substantial get for the celebration.
They mentioned that NNPP will join forces with other parties to dislodged the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) in 2019.
They described NNPP as a youth driven political party which is ready to move the state forward in terms of human improvement, employment and entrepreneurship.
Speaking to the new celebration members, the State NNPP Chairman assured that its doors are usually open to individuals with good intentions as it continue its rebuilding process toward the 2019 common election.
He called on voters to have their voters card as according to him it is their only weapon to dislodge negative government and leaders.
Speaking in Misau Senator Abubakar Maikafi stated: "We are here to join and determine with NNPP, time to speak or stated a thing is coming we are here to formally commission our secretariat in the two neighborhood government to make positive we have structures in place."
Speaking in Darazo, the former Commissioner of Commerce and Industry, DG Political Mobilization in the final PDP administration, Mohammed Jibrin Lago stated their defection with their supporters to NNPP became vital since they are not accommodated in their party.
Lago pointed out that the APC led Administration has made unemployment among youths in the state.


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Some Herbal Guardians Of Health In 2018 (Three) - News in Nigeria : 26/01/2018

THE bell rings once again for the train to move on. Its passengers are those herbs we may possibly number amongst the guardians of overall health in 2017 for several readers of this column. We do not want to overlook them merely for the reason that we have boarded a new year, and we expect our understanding of guardian herbs to expand. No, we cannot overlook old, faithful buddies as we make new ones. As a result, this ongoing series is meant to remind us of our old close friends and spend tribute to them whilst we stride onwards towards new pals.


Accordingly, the initially and second components of this series have paid tribute to Apple Cider Vinegar, Red Kidney Bean pod, Bone Marrow meal, Cellegevity, Libido aids, Wheatgrass, Lion’s Mane mushroom, Orange peel, Lemon grass, Mango Seed Extract, Touch-me-not (Sensitive plant) and Sea salt. In this third components of the series, recognition will be provided to a meals supplement which is vital for radiant well being but is unknown by many people…




It took me really an effort to choose how I would present this fantastic mineral. Eventually, I resolved to present testimonials of some nutritional medicine specialists with some comments by me, exactly where vital. The lead testimonial comes from Dr. Robert Atkins, now of blessed memory, whose books got me interested in Option Medicine in the 1980s. He was a rebel in the House of Medicine in the United States mainly because he deviated from orthodoxy and, operating with other top lights like him, helped to re-awaken interest in organic medicine in his nation. Right now, numerous health-related schools in the U.S. compel medical students to study a single kind of option medicine or a further ahead of their graduation. Of Zinc, Dr. Atkins says in his DR. ATKIN’S VITA NUTRIENT Remedy, which is subtitled NATURE’S ANSWERS TO DRUGS:


"Zinc is vital to the wholesome functioning of every single cell in our bodies. Insufficient consumption the world over threatens to emerge as a veritable public well being crisis. As we continue to deplete our soil of zinc and forsake animal protein, some professionals think that huge-scale supplementation or food fortification will grow to be vital. Meeting the body’s optimum will need for the mineral has revolutionised nutritional medicine’s manage of an extremely wide scope of deficiency connected consequences…a list of afflications that incorporates schizophrenia, and other psychiatric disorders, diabetes, prostate enlargement, cataract, heart illness, brain and nervous technique deterioration, immune malfunction, inadequate digestion, ulcers, food allergies, toxic metal accumulation, poor wound healing, cole, osteoporosis, skin problems, fatigue, lack of appetite, hearing impairment, eating issues, and the a lot of symptoms of blood sugar imbalance."


I had read Dr. Atkin’s book by the time I was diagnosed with glaucoma about 23years ago. Via him, I had learnt that taking substantial amounts of Vitamin A for an eye ailment was virtually a useless venture, if one’s zinc status was low for the reason that zinc is the transport car which takes Vitamin A into the eye. Envision bus customers stranded at the bus-stops when there are no buses to convey them to their destinations! I discovered also, that, zinc enhances the sense of smell and that of taste. Therefore, if I taste food and come across too much salt in it, I quickly suspect the cook has Zinc deficiency and, possibly, other brewing or manifested wellness conditions. For a cook with an impaired sense of taste would add far also substantially salt to the food ahead of, to him or her, the meals tastes appropriate for salt. To the standard individual, having said that, the meals would have been oversalted. Some individuals have smell difficulties. I have met with individuals who cannot smell the foul smell of the decomposing physique of a rat, or of a baby’s poop via the nappy. Females with terrible sanitary hygiene, complex in some cases by candidiasis, do not know foul air hangs about them during the menstrual cycle. Rough skin may suggest zinc deficiency as effectively. So may perhaps ridged nails and white spots on the nails. Matted hair, as well, may possibly be telling the identical zinc story. Loss of appetite is somewhat related to the loss of taste and the loss of the sense of smell. Food aroma and taste send signals to the brain which, in turn, directs the proper organs of digestion to begin to prepare digestive juices and enzymes. The a lot more of these enzymes created, the more we really feel like consuming. When there is a deficit inside, we do not feel like putting anything into the body, due to the fact the organs of digestion are not ready to perform.


"…Our land is increasingly barren in Zinc content and high carbohydrate diet plan are leaving us with even less. Calcium supplements and high-calcium eating plan can decrease our Zinc absorption up to 50 percent. The mineral is quickly expelled from the body by stress (regardless of whether physical, emotional or chemical) as effectively as exposure to toxic metals, pollutants, pesticides. Increasing old provides us an in-born disadvantage, simply because we do not secret the amount of stomach acid vital for absorption. Based on the higher incidence of zinc deficiency among the sick elderly, zinc supplements must probably be mandating for all older adults."


There is a Cal-Mag-Zinc style in the Nigerian nutrition market place. These 3 vital minerals are combined for ease of cost, especially if these minerals come from low-priced sources. Dr. Atkins has just stated Calcium pushes zinc out in the competition among minerals for absorption by the cell. So does Magnesium. The cause is basic. In higher school chemistry, we discovered that Calcium and Magnesium are greater than Zinc in the electrochemical series, and so get absorbed before it is. A heavy fiber eating plan, such as a complex carbohydrate or fibre supplements taken for digestion absorb zinc and take it out of the physique. In England decades ago, physicians noticed that some young women who were provided zinc for reproductive wellness challenges did not have enough zinc in their blood plasma as they had anticipated. Some suspected a crowding out, and suggested that the zinc prescription be taken on empty stomach final issue just before bed at night or initially thing in the morning with warm water. To their surprise, these woman accomplished high levels of zinc in the blood plasma in no time. I took notice of this, and advise zinc consumers accordingly.


Concerning the use of zinc to drag (chelate) risky heavy metals such as lead and Cadmium out of the body, I have located it a useful aid considering that I learned that mercury tooth fillings can trigger a wide range of cellular damage in the body when the mercury vapourises. Males who are challenged with prostate gland question really should take a cue from this. At times, the concentration of heavy metals in the prostate gland may possibly be a cause of the complications in this organ. Besides assisting to chelate these metals out of the body (the herb Chlorella also does), zinc could stop prostate enlargement by stopping androgens (male hormones) from attaching to prostate gland cells and, like fertilizer, inducing them to mushroom, or overgrow. As for old individuals not creating adequate stomach acid to digest zinc and such individuals becoming zinc deficient, this difficulty could be solved by taking Apple Cider Vinegar ahead of meals. Happily these days, the worlds greatest Apple Cider Vinegar, the Bragg’s brand "with Mother", is now out there in the country.


In this Nigeria now, life has become terribly stressful. There are many stressors in the environment…sky-rocketing rent, college costs, unpaid salaries, unemployment et.c. Two weeks ago, one of my pals became so terribly agitated by the news that President Mohammadu Buhari, a fulani, did not show sufficient outward concern for the killings in Benue State by Fulani herdsmen. This friend of mine is Yoruba. He believed the circumstances of the killings have been so grave that a Nigerian President should have gone on a visit straight away to sympathise with the bereaved and send a signal to the killers that Nigeria regarded them as terrorists. There are a lot of individuals like him who are worked up by such news and who shed their zinc stores via stressors such as this.


"As portion of my introduction to nutritional medicine, Dr. Carl Pfeiffer taught me that zinc along with its supporting mineral, Manganese, is the vital therapy for such really serious psychiatric disorders as schizophrenia and clinical depression. He saw schizophrenia as a ‘dysperception syndrome’ brought on by biochemical imbalances. Hearing voices, for instance, was basically a flawed perception that usually could be eliminated by giving zinc, Manganese, and B Vitamins. A zinc deficiency, we now recognise, can be implicated in a entire variety of neurological and neuro-psychiatric problems,…epilepsy, many sclerosis, Huntington’s disease dyslexia, acute psychosis, dementia, anorexia nervosa, Consideration Deficit Disorder, and depression. Zinc supplement may well support to protect against Alzheimer’s illness. The presence of the zinc-dependent thymus hormone, thymulin, is virtually undetatchable in individuals with Alzheimer’s, implying that zinc deficiency plays a part in the disease onset."


Certainly, zinc supplementation has helped several psychiatric circumstances. A deficiency could cause copper elevation in the blood, and excess copper may harm nerves and lead to those behaviours labelled psychiatric. But some of what goes on in psychiatric houses may possibly be cases of possession. This is a spiritual condition in which a disembodied soul tries to crowd out the rightful occupant soul from its physical body or casing. What could give rise to this is an altered blood radiation which may perhaps have its origins in the incorrect blood composition via incorrect diet plan, use of narcotic drugs, and spiritual lethargy. It is via the radiation of the blood that every human spirit manifests on its physical physique and, via it, in the material planet. As I create this column, I am able to do so for the reason that my blood radiation is such that I, the human spirit who inhabits my body, can give instruction to my physique to carry out my wishes. In a possessed individual, the blood radiation is not uniquely his or hers. That signifies an additional human spirit outside the physical body can transmit his or her impressions to the material planet via the impaired blood radiation. Thus, the invading spirit 1st tries to take possession of the brain. This outcomes in two persons giving unique instructions to one brain, causing a split personality scenario. In extreme circumstances, the invading disembodied spirit may possibly be the stronger celebration. In this case, it might totally take over the brain and large locations of the body, except those components which could cause death to the physical physique invaded if they are taken more than as properly. As a result, total healing for psychiatric individuals who are possessed resides in the recomposition of their blood to create a blood radiation which would be unusable to the invading disembodied spirit. Hence, also, neither drugs nor injections would bring a lasting option in such a condition but the correct sorts of foods and drinks.


Dr. Atkins "Like Vitamin C, Zinc knocks out cold viruses, if you catch them early adequate. sucking on Lozenges works superior than swallowing tablets…People with AIDs are virtually universally deficient in zinc, which contributes significantly to the continued decline of their currently broken immune systems. Restoring their provide, in doses of upto about 100mg everyday, has been discovered to be one particular of the most vital techniques for stabilizing their immune function and lowering complications of the illness. Cancer forms much more conveniently when zinc levels are low. Individuals who are stricken with a malignancy substantially boost their excretion of the mineral, implying, according to Chinese researchers, that the physique utilizes its zinc reserves at the early inflammatory stages of cancer development. Supplementation stimulates the manufacture of white blood cells, 1 of the immune system’s tumour-fighting components and much more typically supports the activities of our neutrophils, Lymphocytes, and our all-natural tumour-fighting (NK) cells. It also is necessary for generating thymulin, the significant thymus hormone."


Dr.Atkins has mentioned it all. I only want to add that Dr. F. Batmanghelidj, also of blessed memory, demonstrated in the test tube that zinc and cysteine, caused reversal of HIV cells to regular cells when they were added to a culture of these cells. It has been broadly established, too, that the thymus gland shrinks to about one particular quarter of its size in zinc deficient individuals, and that this gland regrows to its typical size inside about two weeks of zinc supplementation. The T-helper cells mature in the thymus gland beneath the influence of thymulin. So, the larger the thymus, the superior the immune response.


Shari Liberman, Ph.D., and Nancy Bruning are co-authors of THE Genuine VITAMIN AND MINERAL BOOK which, like Dr. Atkin’s book, I advise for the loved ones overall health library. Of zinc, they say:


"Our bodies include about two to three grammes of zinc, which is distributed throughout the body. Zinc is an vital element of more than 20 enzymes associated with lots of metabolic processes. The highest concentration of zinc are located in the eyes, liver, bones, prostate, semen and hair. Zinc is necessary for reproduction and, and for growth development. Numerous research have linked low zinc levels with complications throughout pregnancy, and with miscarriage and birth defects. Research have also found big percentage of youngsters to be deficient in zinc. These young children showed symptoms of sub optimal development in addition to a loss of taste acuity and poor appetite. When their zinc intake was increased, the symptoms enhanced. Animal and human research recommend that lethargic passivity, and apathy are symptoms of marginal zinc deficiency, due to the fact these behavioural issues enhanced with zinc supplementation."


My comments


In a landmark Egyptian study reported by REXADAMS in his MIRACLE MEDICINE FOODS, girls with beneath created breasts and boys with male organs smaller sized than their ages have been placed on zinc supplements for about 3 months. Not only did they develop a small taller at the finish of the study, the girls had larger breasts and the boy had far better developed organs.


"One of the highest concentrations of zinc in the human physique is discovered in the eyes, specifically the iris and retina. Though the precise mechanisms of its functions are largely unknown, zinc seems to be involved in the activation of Vitamin A, and this is a aspect in night vision. In addition, there is a increasing body of evidence which indicates that poor zinc intake is associated to such eye situations as impaired colour discrimination, cataract firmation and optic neuritis, the inflammation of the optic nerve.


"There is some evidence that zinc levels fall right after physical and mental tension. For instance, strenuous exercising has been shown to lead to important losses of zinc, possibly due to the raise in glucose metabolism which calls for zinc. It has also been discovered that zinc is depleted through upper respiratory infection accompanied by fever…Diabetics have a tendency to have much less zinc in their tissues which might be related to many of their complications."


"In the long run, zinc’s most beneficial contribution could be its ability to balance blood sugar. The mineral assists the Pancreas in manufacturing insulin and might defend the receptor sites on all cell membranes that allow the hormone to enter. In individuals who have diabetes, zinc also aids reduced higher cholesterol."


"People who have rheumatoid arthritis are commonly very depleted in zinc. If you strategy to take zinc supplements, make certain you are also provided Copper, an exceptionally valuable remedy. The zinc/copper ration need to be roughly 8:1…If you are taking anti-inflammatory drugs or anti-histamines that cut down stomach acid, you will want zinc to aid heal any ulcers that might outcome. If you are on an acid-reducing medication, you run the danger of a deficiency, for the reason that zinc absorption depends on the stomach’s hydrochloric acid…as first aid remedy for virtually any wound or skin irritation, individuals have lengthy reached for the bottle of Calamine Lotion. Its healing energy comes from its wealthy zinc content which promotes protein synthesis. That is why I advise my individuals to take added doses of the mineral both just before and just after an operation. Applied straight, a zinc oxide paste improves the healing of leg ulcers by 83 %, according to the investigation. Individuals who get these wounds generally have a reduce than normal level of the mineral."


Liberman and Bruning


"Zinc has been shown to inhibit the production of prolactin, a pituitary hormone, and so is applied therapeutically in men and girls with high prolactin levels. Elevated prolactin levels can lead to distressing effects such as secretion of breast milk, enlarged breast and sexual dysfunction."


Dr. Atkins


"Zinc deficiency can lead to a host of pregnancy-connected issues, including spontaneous abortion, toxemia, development retardation and delivery issues. Even the modest 22mg day-to-day supplement tested in one particular study enabled girls to give birth to babies drastically bigger in birth weight. Zinc levels generally are reduce in females who practical experience pre-menstrual tension. A deficiency may lower progesterone production, which in turn may well lead to a craving for sweet and salty foods."


My comment


Dr. Atkins, Dr. Liberman and Bruning have stated it all. Maybe I really should add that girls with nipple secretion outdoors pregnancy might uncover it challenging to get pregnant, due to the fact the secretion may well be triggered by a higher prolactin level. The brain sends prolactin to the ovaries throughout pregnancy to cease egg production so that a different pregnancy might not occur though one pregnancy is in spot. Hence, in a high prolactin state, a woman might not ovulate. High prolactin level in guys minimize sperm count, and this could lead to fertility concerns.


Oyo-Ita: Why We Haven’t Disciplined Any Individual Over Maina’s Recall - News about Nigeria ~.

Winifred Oyo-Ita, head of the civil service of the federation, has spoken on why disciplinary actions have not been taken against these behind the reinstatement of Abdulrasheed Maina into the service.


Maina, former chairman of the presidential activity force on pension reforms, was recalled and deployed to the ministry of interior, under controversial situations.


Amid the outcry of the news of his reinstatement, President Muhammadu Buhari ordered his sack and asked Oyo-Ita to probe the embarrassing situation.


The federal civil service commission dismissed Maina in 2013, for absconding from duty, following a recommendation by the workplace of the head of service.


He was accused of getting involved in pension fraud operating into more than N100 billion. Right after an investigation by the senate joint committee on public service and establishment and state and neighborhood government administration, a warrant of arrest was issued against him.


Subsequently, the police declared him wanted and he went into hiding.


Speaking with reporters on Tuesday, Oyo-Ita said no one has been punished mainly because investigations had been nonetheless ongoing, both at the presidency and the national assembly.


She also traced the delay to the reality that the matter is just before a court of "competent jurisdiction".


"The Maina concern is a controversial one but I will also inform you that proper now there is currently an investigation physical exercise going on, each at the presidency level and at the national assembly level," she said.


"The senate committee and the home of reps committee have set up an investigation on that. And recently there is a court case nevertheless on the situation.